7 Best Office Chairs NZ | 2023

Settling for an uncomfortable office chair has become a thing of the past. Start 2023 right with an office makeover. The first step is to purchase a new and comfortable office chair

However, there are some things to consider before purchasing your office chair. First, your budget will affect your choice. How much can you afford to spend? Next, do you prefer leather or fabric? Lastly, you also need to determine what office chair style will suit your needs the most. 

If you are at a loss on where to start, fret not because we are here to help you. This blog post will give you tips on how to choose the best office chair in NZ. 

Things to consider before buying an office chair


This is a no-brainer. Money dictates the quality of things we spend money on. The kind of office chair you will be buying largely depends on your allocated budget. Here in New Zealand, you may be able to purchase a decent and comfortable office chair at mid or higher range depending on your needs. One example is our own Stat Mid Back Chair

Chair design

Different chair designs cater to different needs. Evaluate your workspace so that you can choose the correct chair design. If you have a limited workspace, a compact chair may be the best option for you. Are you particular about the headrest or armrest? Also, do you prefer mesh, cushioned, or leather? These different elements play an important part in providing you comfort while you work. 

Quality of support

Basic office chairs come with basic support and their design tends to be very simple. Make sure that you choose a chair that helps you maintain a good posture. Office chairs with lumbar support can give you the best support as it maintains the natural position of your spine. You may also want to consider a headrest because it helps reduce pressure on the neck. Additionally, a chair with an armrest may offer extra comfort when you want to rest your hands from typing. 

Time that you are seated

How many hours in a day are you going to be seated? If you are in an office setting, it is highly likely that you will be seated for 6 hours or more. In a WFH setting, you might be sitting down for 2-3 hours since you have more space to move around. Selecting the most comfortable office chair depending on the hours that you are seated may give you a boost in your productivity. 

Office Chair Types

There are 3 main types of office chairs. These are task-office, bar–stool, and ergonomic chairs. Task-office chairs are the usual ones you see in an office and their adjustments are often simple. Bar-stool types are designed for a higher adjustment. This is perfect for tall desks. The last type and probably the most popular one is the ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair has a full range of adjustments. You can adjust it to support your body shape.

    What makes up the best office chairs?

    These are the following elements that you should check to ensure that you can buy the best office chair for yourself. 


    Headrests may either be adjustable or fixed. Some people prefer an adjustable headrest because it allows them to change the angle that suits their head and neck position.

    Seat cushion

    The best kind of seat cushion has a thickness of at least 1.5 to 2 inches. Also, it is best if the front seat edge has a “waterfall” design. Waterfall designs help lessen pressure on your thighs. 

    Arm rest

    This is important because it helps support your wrists and hands. It should be adjustable so that you can change the tilt and arm pivot.

    Seat height

    The office chair that you will choose should have pneumatic height adjustment features. The adjustment range should fall between 15 to 21 inches. When you adjust the height, your thighs need to be parallel to the floor and at the same level as your hips.

    The 7 best office chairs for 2023 in NZ

    Ergonomic Chairs

    We think it is expected that ergonomic office chairs top the list. People seek to buy ergonomic chairs because their design focuses on supporting posture. When you purchase an ergonomic chair, you may spend a bigger amount compared to buying a less sophisticated chair. However, with an ergonomic chair, you are preventing ailments associated with back and neck pain. 

    Agile’s Best-selling Ergonomic Chair: Eden Spectrum 3 Lever Chair

    eden spectrum 3

    Gaming Chairs

    The target market for gaming chairs, of course, is gamers. But it doesn’t mean you can’t buy one. Gaming chairs have a unique appearance. It features a high back that supports the head, back, and neck of users. Furthermore, gaming chairs may be customized depending on your needs. If you are working for several hours a day, you may consider using a gaming chair. 

    Agile’s Best-selling Gaming Chair: Darth High Back Gaming Chair

    darth gaming chair

    Mesh Chairs

    For people who are uncomfortable with leather or thick fabric on their chairs, a mesh office chair may be the best option. Since the back of the chair is made of breathable mesh, air can circulate freely. This is great for people who sweat profusely while working. Mesh office chairs are designed ergonomically with waterfall seat that improves blood circulation and provides lumbar support. It is also lightweight so it is easy to move around. 

    Agile’s Best-selling Mesh Chair: Eden Coach Mesh Back

    coach mesh chair

    Task Chairs

    If you like to take frequent breaks during your work time, a task office chair may be suitable for you. It is also known as an operator office chair. This is the most common type of office chair. Task chairs have very minimalist designs and it does not offer the complete body support that ergonomic and gaming chairs have. Hence, it is not recommended to use a task office chair for more than four hours.  Also, because of its basic design, it also tends to be the cheapest. 

    Agile’s Best-selling Task Chair: Eden Tag 2.40 Mid Back

    eden tag 2.40

    Executive Chairs

    Executive chairs commonly have customised front and back tilts. These aid in breathing and circulation. Its overall design aims to give the highest degree of comfort that is possible. The price tag can also be ‘executive’. However, if you are looking for long-term investment in an office chair, you may appreciate the premium features of an executive office chair.

    Agile’s Best-selling Executive Chair: Eden Eames Soft Pad Leather
    eames soft pad leather

    Heavy-duty Chairs

    These chairs were designed for people who work in high-pressure sectors like hospitals and call centers. It is often bulky and heavy. It can withstand long hours of usage. Even though they look big, they are easily adjustable. It also comes with the complete parts - armrest, headrest, backrest, and full lumbar support. Heavy-duty office chairs are considered one of the best office chairs because they don’t get easily ruined. It is made of tougher materials and undergoes strict quality assurance tests. 

    Agile’s Best-selling Heavy-duty Chair: Eden Spectrum 200 Chair

    spectrum 200 Leather Chairs

    Undeniably, leather office chairs look posh. Also, because of the material, it is at a higher price range than the other office chair types. Leather office chairs are comfortable office chairs for those who work long hours in an airconditioned or cool environment. If you use leather chairs in a humid climate, you’ll end up with sticky chairs. Also, you will need to maintain the leather by cleaning it regularly. If you have the right environment for a leather office chair and you have the patience for its maintenance, it may be the best kind of office chair for you. 

    Agile’s Best-selling Leather Chair: Eden Domain Executive

    eden domain chair

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    We hope this blog helped you decide which kind of office chair matches your needs and taste. Check out our wide selection of office chairs that come highly recommended by our clients. Don’t forget to hit the buy button!