benefits of standing desks

The stiff shoulders, aching back, and chronic waist discomfort that no amount of stretching or walking around can remove is a familiar scenario for people working in the office and remotely. 

Sitting in front of your desk all day will take a toll on your body. Sitting for too long puts you at risk of weight problems and heart disease

Various scientific studies highlighted the alarming problems caused by sitting all day. A 2010 study published by the American Cancer Society revealed that men and women who spent more time sitting down and had less physically active time were 48% and 94% more likely to die in comparison to those who sat less and spent more time in physical activities. 

This kind of statistic gave rise to the evolution of working desks. Thus, we now have standing desks.

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Top 5 benefits of standing desks

Four kinds of standing desks in NZ

standing desk benefits

Top 5 benefits of standing desks

Improves your quality of life 

One of the primary benefits of a standing desk is its impact on your health. Compared to sitting, where you can burn an estimated 60 to 130 calories, standing helps you burn 100-200 calories every hour. Science has always emphasized that the human body’s design is geared toward movement. Using a standing desk enhances your blood circulation making you less prone to cardiovascular diseases. 

Enhanced productivity

Undeniably, work habits influence how we complete our tasks. With the traditional desk, we are slumped and get tired more easily. But, when we use a standing desk, we get the space to move around more. By staying active, we can do more work. In a CNN Health report, an unnamed pharmaceutical corporation bought standing desks for their employees. In 6 months, their team’s productivity rate rose to 46%.

Better moods and mental health state

 Depression, burnout, and anxiety are the most common mental health problems that workers are struggling with. Sitting from 8 am to 5 am makes you sedentary, leading to deteriorating brain health. Some evidence suggests that sitting too long decreases the thickness of the medial temporal lobe. This lobe is responsible for spatial cognition and memory. You have better circulation and oxygen intake when you are standing while working. Good blood and oxygen circulation boosts your mood and reduces fatigue.

Maintained Posture

Being seated all day causes spinal compression and can cause a herniated disk. If you constantly experience shoulder and back pain, you may benefit from using a standing desk. One CDC study showed that taking an hour or so to stand up may lower back and neck pain by 50%. You can improve your posture while standing while working and increasing your core strength. 

Sustained Energy Level

Standing up while working helps you stay awake throughout your work. Being upright tells your brain that you are on your feet and should to stay alert. Less yawning while working!

These stand desk benefits can be a game changer in your office or WFH set-up. There is no need to compromise comfort while working. If anything, we must preserve our health as our ability to work depends on it.

Four kinds of standing desks in NZ

top reasons for a standing desk

A standing desk is not one size fits all. You can choose what kind of standing desk suits you most. The four types of stand-up desks here in NZ are regular stand desks, sit stand desks, adjustable height desks, and electric standing desks. 

Regular stand desks

These are fixed desks. The height is fixed and not adjustable.

Sit-stand desk

This type allows you to shift between sitting and standing. The height can be adjusted manually or by a motorized mechanism.

Adjustable height desk

The legs of an adjustable-height desk can be moved up and down to match the position you are most comfortable with. 

Electric Standing desk

Lastly, we have a more sophisticated form of a standing desk. Just press a button to precisely customize your desk's height. The electric standing desk is designed for speed and convenience. 

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