Top 7 Benefits Of Ergonomic Chairs In 2023

Ergonomics come from the Greek words ergon meaning ‘work or labor’, and nomos meaning ‘natural laws’. 

It became an important concept when companies started realizing that the workplace needs to take into consideration the human capabilities that are needed for work. 

This blog post will help you understand the top benefits of an ergonomic chair and why you need one.

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What is an Ergonomic Chair?

Top 7 Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

Best Ergonomic Chairs in NZ

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

A chair that adjusts to you. That is probably the simplest explanation for an ergonomic chair. In the technical sense, an ergonomic chair is one that can be adjusted to fit your height, support your back and neck, and give lumbar support. 

The ergonomic chair is a necessity nowadays because remote work set-ups are continuously on the rise. An ergonomic chair contributes to making the home a more conducive place to work in. 

Moreover, corporate offices are more aware of the impact that poorly-designed office chairs can have to their employees. Hence, the high demand for ergonomic chairs.

Top 7 Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

If you have come across the concept of ergonomic chairs just recently, we are here to make things clearer for you. The price of an ergonomic chair is commonly higher than standard office chairs. That is expected because an ergonomic chair can have a variety of advantages.

Enhanced health

A study from the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that sitting for too long with poor posture may contribute to kidney diseases, diabetes, cancer and other ailments. Since an ergonomic chair comes with a range of adjustments, your body can assume a sitting position that will best promote your health. 

Improved posture

With ergonomic chairs, you get spinal and joint support. You can align your shoulders, hips, and spine while sitting down. This alignment helps prevent the strain on your shoulders, back and neck. 

Comfortable Chair

The design of an ergonomic chair gives priority to safety and comfort. Most ergonomic chairs are made from high-quality materials that allow people to feel relaxed even though they have been seated for hours already. Armrests and neck rests provide the extra comfort needed for a busy day.

Productivity Boost

When we are comfortable at work, we can do more. There are several studies that show the correlation between an ergonomic chair and quality of work. 

Adjustment Range

Seat height, seat depth, backrests and arm rests are the popular features that can be adjusted in an ergonomic chair. The seat height helps you position your feet on the floor. The armrests support your arm’s weights when you want to take a quick rest. Backrests help lessen the pressure on your spine and muscles. While the seat depth supports your thighs.

Inclusive Design

Diverse people make up an office. They have different body types and needs. That is why buying a single office chair design for everyone is not always recommended. When a company or individual invests in an ergonomic chair, they also invest in the quality of life for every person.

Long-term investment

An ergonomic chair is made from materials that can last a long time. Therefore if you buy one, you won’t need to buy a new chair annually. This can help ensure that you have the best working conditions for a years to come. 

Best Ergonomic Chairs in NZ

Here at Agile, we sell only the premium kinds of ergonomic chairs. These are some of our top picks. 

Spectrum 3 Leather (With Arms) - Custom

Spectrum 3 Leather with Arms (Custom)

This ergonomic chair has a unique backrest that comes with a durable lumbar support. The contoured seat gives you comfort if you need to be seated for some hours. It also features a sophisticated 3-lever mechanism that allows for three types of adjustments. You can also get the most out of its lumbar support with its backrest height adjustment.

Lennox Mesh Office Chair

Lennox Mesh Office Chair 

The Lennox Mesh Office Chair stands out with its mesh back that enhances air circulation and moulded seat for a higher degree of comfort. If you want to remove the armrests from time to time, you can do so with its removable fixed-height armrests. Additionally, it has an adjustable lumbar support and back tilt mechanism so you can lock the chair into an upright position.

Active Task Chair

Active Task Chair 

For this office chair, you can choose if you want it with or without armrests. From its name, this chair promotes active sitting so that you can move in between working periods. The mesh back and seat design can provide you comfort for an estimated eight hours. 

Buro Roma 24/7

Buro Roma 24/7

The wide sweat of Buro Roma 24/7 can help you stay comfortable if you need to sit down for more than eight hours. It comes with full adjustments namely seat slide, back angle, seat height and seat tilt. It is highly durable and made from recycled materials. 

Get quality ergonomic chairs here at Agile

We believe that we have provided you with a comprehensive list for ergonomic chair benefits. Make the choice now!