Top 7 Benefits Of A Corner Desk
The demand for working desks has risen over the years. Remote work set-ups increased since the pandemic occurred. As a result, many people are now dedicating a space in their homes to turn into their mini-offices. 

But isn’t a desk just like any other table? No. Office desks are designed to accommodate computers, printers and other necessary equipment for working. Some office desks have drawers that can hold a huge amount of files. 

In this blog post, we will introduce a unique kind of working desk - the corner desk

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What is a corner desk?

Top 7 Benefits of a Corner Desk

Things to consider before buying a corner desk in NZ

Best-selling corner desks in NZ

What is a corner desk?

A corner desk is also known as an L-shaped desk because of its shape. The purpose of a L-shaped table is to fit in the corner of a room . It is usually positioned facing the wall. 

L-shaped working desks are made up of two intertwined tables that result in their distinctive form. 

Top 7 benefits of a Corner Desk

An office space is incomplete without a work desk. However, the wrong kind of desk can lead to various problems. Here are the seven benefits of a corner desk.


Corner office desks are designed to be sleek overall yet curved at some edges. These features accommodate comfortable sitting positions and ease of switching monitor positions. Corner desks provide both comfort and ample space to its user.

Works in small spaces

Individuals who are remotely working from their apartment often have problems with their limited living space. But, with corner desks, they don’t have to sacrifice their whole apartment just to have a working space. 

Better organization and privacy

When one uses an L-shaped desk, they can reduce their clutter because of the additional space on their tabletop. Less clutter and distractions lead to better concentration!

Easy storage

If you do a lot of paperwork, you may consider getting a L-shaped desk because it can provide you with enough room for your filing shelves and folders. Confidential papers need to be stored safely and the L-shaped desk may help you organize those important documents on the tabletop or in the under desk space. 



If you look to hustle in the day and relax by playing video games at night, a corner desk might be perfect for you. Since there are two conjoined tables, you can set up your office/gaming PC on one side and your work space on the other. Also, you’ll still have enough space to place your snacks for your gaming hours!

Posture and health preservation

Sitting for prolonged hours in front of your desk can lead to poor posture and overall health. Because of the corner desk’s L-shape, there is support for your elbow and you can correct your posture while sitting.


All your office supplies are within your arm’s reach. No need for walking around and spending time looking for things. Furthermore, having access to your equipment and stationary reduces interruption in your work and may contribute to your productivity.

    Things to consider before buying a corner desk in NZ

    If you believe that a corner desk will work out for you, pause for a moment and read these additional considerations you need to make before finally purchasing an L-shaped desk here in NZ.


    L-shaped desks may not be too cheap although some may be budget-friendly. However, keep in mind that going for a cheaper option may cost you more in the long run. But, if you decide to get a corner desk that is at the upper spectrum of the price range, it may last longer as long as it is cared for properly. 

    Width of the surface

    Do you need  a wide or narrow corner desk? Many corner desks in NZ come in a range of sizes such as our Sonic Corner Desk. You can choose from 1500x1500x600 or 1800x1800x600. Before you finalize your decision to purchase, make sure that you measure the surface area you need for the corner desk. 


    Different corner desks are composed of different materials. Some may be made of melamine, PVC, or wood. If possible, it is highly recommended that you choose an environmentally-friendly material. 

      Best-selling corner desks in NZ

      The tips we mentioned above will help you decide what kind of corner desk would be best suitable for you. On the same note, here are our top picks for Agile’s L-shaped desks. 

      Enhance Electric Corner Desk

      Enhance Electric Corner Desk

      This electric corner desk can help you switch from a sitting to a standing position with its height adjustment range of 630-1275mm. It also features an LCD display that shows you the height position. Lastly, it has twin leg motors that make your adjustments smooth, quick, and precise.

      Balance 90 Corner Workstation Desk

      Balance 90 Corner Workstation Desk

      This stylish desk comes in a variety of sizes and orientations. You get an extra work space with a cable tray. Also, the table top is locally-made here in NZ and the frame is made from recyclable materials. 

      Balance 90 Corner Workstation Desk

      Summit II Electric Workstation

      This electric corner desk has three options for height adjustments that are indicated in its LCD display. Its twin motors make adjustments quiet and fast. Its tabletop materials are also NZ-manufactured with a recyclable frame. 

        Agile Corner Desks - The best in NZ

        Our corner desks come in various designs. You can choose from fixed-height or electric L-shaped desks. Take your pick and buy now!