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The reception area serves as your company's warm and inviting face, making the reception desk a pivotal element in creating a stellar first impression.

Block Reception Counter 1800
Block Reception Counter
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Block Reception Counter with Wheelchair Access 2400 / Right Hand Wheelchair AccessBlock Reception Counter with Wheelchair Access 2400 / Left Hand Wheelchair Access
Block Reception Counter with Wheelchair Access
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Euro II Reception Counter 1800 / Snow Velvet / Storm Grey / Black PearlEuro II Reception Counter 1800 / Snow Velvet / Classic Oak
Euro II Reception Counter
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Block Reception LH Return 900
Block Reception LH Return
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Block Reception RH Return 900
Block Reception RH Return
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Cubit Reception Counter Nordic Maple
Cubit Reception Counter Nordic Maple
Sale price$959.00
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What Our Customers Say

Why should you pick an Agile Office Furniture reception desk?

Agile’s reception desks come in neutral colours intended to blend with any office environment. We offer the flexibility of customisation regarding the size and colour of our reception desks. Customers can choose the dimensions that best fit their available space and match their specific design preferences. This allows businesses to tailor the reception area to their unique needs and corporate branding.

Furthermore, some of our units complement specific desk and workstation models. You can maximise work efficiency and enhance your lobby’s ambience. A well-designed reception area can contribute to a smoother workflow and better organisation.


What we offer

The reception desks for sale here at Agile Office Furniture have special features such as: 


- Cable management access

Some units come with an 80 mm cable port to facilitate cable management. Since many reception desks contain desktops, it is necessary to have a cable port so that your tabletop is organised and you can quickly attend to clients.


- Extended section for wheelchair access

One thing that is often overlooked in office furniture is accessibility and inclusivity. The lobby desk should have certain accommodations like wheelchair access because some visitors have challenges with their physique and mobility. 


- Combine two units and form an even bigger reception area

For businesses that require a larger reception area, we offer the option to combine two units to create an even bigger and more spacious reception area. This scalability allows you to adapt your reception area to the evolving needs of your organization. Whether you need a compact desk for a small lobby or want to create an expansive and impressive reception space for a larger office, our reception desk units can be tailored to suit your requirements.


Importance of reception desks in NZ offices

In any office, reception desks serve as the first port of call. Here are top reasons why quality reception desks are essential for offices in NZ.


- It doubles as an information centre

The reception desk is the first place visitors will go to ask questions. It gives them a sense that the company is looking out for their welfare and wants to make them feel as welcome as possible.


- Provides a place to resolve concerns

There may be guests who encounter problems while transacting with your company. They may have needed some clarification from the staff. Having a reception desk shows someone in charge and ready to help customers and clients.


- Communicate your brand and personality

The reception desk can serve as a functional space where visitors are greeted and assisted, but it can also enhance their overall brand experience. For instance, by incorporating technology such as digital displays or interactive elements, you can engage visitors and provide them with relevant information about your company and its offerings. 


Quick Guide to reception desks for sale

Whether you're starting a new office, improving your reception area, or just want a functional and stylish upgrade, this guide will help you make a wise decision in purchasing a reception desk.


- Size determines the shape

Size plays a crucial role in determining the shape of your reception desk. Before diving into the available shapes and styles, measuring your available space accurately is essential. A reception desk that's too large can overwhelm a small area, while one that's too small might need to provide more functionality. 


- Choose the style carefully

Successful companies have awed numerous visitors with the style of their reception areas wherein they incorporate distinctive elements and unconventional furnishings. Remember that your chosen style should be visually appealing and practical for your receptionist's needs. It should provide the necessary workspace and storage while communicating your company's values and culture. 

- Materials matter

The materials for your reception desk affect how it looks, lasts, and needs maintenance. You may consider laminate, metal, and wood.

Laminate is affordable and low-maintenance, comes in various colors and designs, and is durable for many offices. On the other hand, metal (stainless steel or aluminum) is modern, durable, and easy to maintain. Stainless steel is stylish and long-lasting, while aluminum is lightweight and cost-effective, performing well in specific environments.

Lastly, wood gives a warm and inviting look, comes in various designs, and can be stained or painted to match your style and make a lasting impression on visitors.


Supreme quality guaranteed

Experience supreme quality with our reception desks for sale, designed for lasting impact. Including an 80mm cable port ensures convenient cable access, keeping your workspace neat and organized. Crafted with sturdy construction and a durable melamine finish, these counters are built to withstand the test of time. 


Best materials

Our commitment to excellence extends to the heart of our reception desk units. We take pride in offering a guarantee of high-grade melamine construction for reception desks in NZ. Melamine enhances the longevity of our reception desks and ensures they can withstand the rigors of daily use in a bustling office environment.  


New Zealand-wide delivery

Shipping is free for items delivered to metro addresses within New Zealand. Orders are processed Monday - Friday. All orders placed after 3 p.m. will be processed on the following business day.

We offer a full range of reception desks and custom options. If not featured here, we can arrange for a custom build.

We offer anything from 1200 wide up to 3600 wide. We can also create customised options if you have specific requirements.

Please refer to our return policy.

Yes we can provide on-site installation and assembly services at additional cost.

We typically use locally sourced melteca materials, however we can provide alternative materials in certain cases for custom units.

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