What are office partitions for?

Office partitions are used to help divide a workspace or provide a private area for focused group discussions, individual workflow or small team meetings. Otherwise known as dividers, These help provide meaningful and mobile division to the office so that security and privacy are provided to employees.


What are office partitions made of?

Office partitions come in diverse materials, with common choices being particle board wrapped in fabric or complete glass and alluminum. The selection often depends on the desired aesthetic, functionality, and budget considerations. Here are some popular types of office partitions.


Movable and foldable office partition dividers

Movable office partitions are an exceptionally adaptable and cost-effective category of room dividers. Crafted for optimal portability, these freestanding partitions effortlessly traverse the office, maximising available space.

Foldable office dividers can be swiftly arranged to create a private office, computer space, or temporary meeting room and then efficiently folded and stored for future use. 


Fixed office partitions

While offering enhanced sound reduction capabilities at the expense of portability, fixed office partitions serve as an appealing and enduring alternative to their more transportable counterparts. Due to their fixed nature, these partitions can be crafted from heavier materials like glass, wood, or powder-coated steel. 

What are the dimensions of the partitions?

Usually office partitions have a measurement of 1200mm w x 1800mm h. The thickness of an acoustic or movable office partition greatly varies depending on the amount of foam or fabric that is used but it typically ranges from 42mm to 66mm.


How do partitions affect lighting and acoustics in the office?

The impact of office partitions on lighting and acoustics is significant. Glass partitions, for instance, allow natural light to penetrate the workspace, creating a bright and airy environment. Since natural light is available, the use of glass dividers can help reduce energy usage. 

Contemporary work environments can prove to be exceedingly loud and filled with distractions, in cases where the office could be more dynamic and traditional fabric panel screens may be needed to provide adequate soundproofing. Hence, acoustic office partitions can contribute to sound management, fostering a quieter and more focused atmosphere.


What is the installation process for the partitions?

For many people, furniture assembly can be a deal-breaker in terms of cost and time. The installation process for office partitions varies depending on the type and design. So, it's a good idea to check how to assemble your dividers and how long it takes before you buy it, to avoid any surprises. The instructions for putting them together will be different, and some might need help from professionals, who are often provided by the company you bought the units from.


Are office partitions durable and office-friendly?

The durability of office partitions depends on the materials used in their construction. Quality glass and alluminum partitions, for example, offer longevity and resilience. Additionally, office-friendly designs consider factors such as functionality, aesthetics, and the overall impact on the work environment.



There are many options when it comes to office partitions, desk dividers, wall acoustics, freestanding dividers and more.

Depending on the setup you are going for, often partitions are cut to fit or come in standard sizing. Freestanding partitions will often require fixtures such as feet with brackets where installation is generally straightforward, this includes ceiling mounted panels.

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