What is an office chair?

An office chair, often a desk chair, is a specific kind of chair made for sitting at a desk in an office. Typically, it is a swivel chair with adjustable height and wheels for mobility. Contemporary office chairs often have one distinct load-bearing leg behind the seat (a gas lift).


How important is it to buy an office chair for working?

Working in an uncomfortable chair can be a major source of stress and discomfort, leading to decreased productivity and morale. That’s why it’s important to choose a comfortable office chair for your workplace. Additionally, you should buy a desk chair that is designed with breathable fabric or mesh to ensure your comfort throughout the day. 

The good news is, we have a wide range of office chairs for sale here at Agile.


Are office chairs a worthy investment?

Investing in a quality office chair is one of the best decisions you can make for your long-term health. Quality and comfortable office chairs provide ergonomic support, reduce back pain, and help to keep you productive throughout the day. Not only do they provide superior comfort and support, but they also last longer than cheaper alternatives. 

Furthermore, users come in different sizes, therefore we recommend that you consider buying an office chair that can support large users such as 150kg and 180kg chairs.

By investing in a quality desk chair now, you can save yourself from long-term health problems and expensive replacements later on.


Agile’s range of office chairs suit every need & budget

Agile offers a wide range of office chairs in NZ to suit any need and budget. From mesh back chairs for the modern office to high-back executive chairs for the traditional look, we have something for most applications. Whether you're looking for ergonomic seating solutions or stylish designs, Agile Furniture has something that will fit your needs and budget. 

Our selection of office chairs is designed with comfort and durability in mind, making them ideal for any workspace. Explore their range today and find the right chair to help you work in comfort and style!


Quality matters here at Agile

When buying computer chairs in NZ, quality should be your top priority. A good office chair not only provides comfort and support for your back but also helps you stay productive and efficient throughout the day. That's why our office chairs are among the best because they are adjustable and provide the maximum support for your spine and neck. 

They also have comfortable cushioning that allows you to sit comfortably for long periods of time reducing discomfort and pain. Investing in an office chair from Agile is essential if you want to ensure that you're getting the most out of your workday.


Agile offers office chairs, delivered across NZ for the ideal set-up

There are some important elements you should take into account while selecting an office chair for your workspace. The ideal office chair should offer the highest level of seating comfort, and the best ergonomic design. It's crucial to pick a chair that will support proper posture and keep you from getting tired or experiencing back pain from prolonged sitting.

Go through our selection of office chairs and buy an office chair that will improve your work-life balance.


Concerned with Payment Options?

Worry not! We offer multiple payment options to cater to every kind of client. Our layaway payment options use LayBuy and Afterpay. We can guarantee that all payment options are highly secure. 

Take a Seat - Shop Your Perfect Office Chair Today!



An ergonomic chair is a great option for long work sessions. You will want to ensure this includes seat height and depth adjustment with a natural curve and lumbar support.

Look for flexibility in the adjustable seat height, generous seat padding and a quality fabric. If you are doing long work sessions consider adding arms into the mix.

Yes, the long term benefits of investing in a quality office chair can help improve productivity and comfort, especially when used on a regular basis.

While there are many options, we often recommend the Roma or Spectrum series, if you want something a little more premium, the Humanscale Freedom Headrest is always a winner.

Agile only sell quality products, with that said, some key points are the adjustable features offered, warranty period, seat padding and lumbar support.

When looking for a quality office chair, you can generally expect to pay anywhere from $300 - $800 that will provide a long lasting, comfortable solution.

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