Top 9 Benefits of a Desk with Drawers

Your office desk is your partner in achieving your day-to-day working goals. With that being said, let’s learn more about office desks with drawers and how it can help your office arrangement. 

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Top 9 Benefits of a Desk with Drawers

Things to Check Before buying Desks with drawers in NZ

Best office desks with drawers in NZ

Top 9 Benefits of a Desk with Drawers

Smart use of space

When you use an office desk with drawers, you can plan out your space better. You can assign specific areas for your work necessities, files, computer accessories and confidential documents. You won’t leave any of your things lying around. Having a desk with drawers helps you keep your things in one place. That way, you can use the other spaces in your office for other essentials. 


A study published by the National Association of Professional Organizations, revealed that a person typically wastes 4.3 hours every week searching for misplaced or lost papers. Imagine the time that you lose just going through your desk and shelves looking for your documents or other things. That 4.3 hours you waste could be value-added time to your work if you invest in a desk with drawers.

Better security

Some drawers with desks come with locks. If there are highly private files that you need to keep away from prying hands and eyes, your best choice may be to keep it temporarily in your desk drawer. With a locked drawer in your desk, you can be sure that only those with permission can access the contents. 
Productivity boost - Starting your work in a tidy desk does wonders to your focus and mood. You don’t need to spend time clearing away the clutter, cleaning your desk or throwing away unnecessary stuff that surrounds you. You can get down to business right away. Office desks with drawers can help you focus on the task at hand since everything you need is in a proper place. 

Corporate vibes

Most people who work-from-home wear pajamas throughout the whole day. Somehow, it has an effect on one’s energy to work and mental health. Purchasing an office desk with drawers can somehow make you feel that you are in an office set-up. This may help improve the mindset of those who find themselves sluggish every morning of their work week.

Workspace division

It’s a good thing if you can have a whole room for your home office. However, if you live in an apartment, it may be best to divide your work areas so that you can compartmentalize your work essentials. An office desk with drawers can help you with these. Depending on how many drawers it has, you can assign each to hold a specific object or document.


Arranging your desk is also a manner of self-expression, you can exhibit your personality in the way that you organize your stuff. Therefore, purchasing an office desk is not just a matter of practicality or science. It’s also about expressing your personality. 

Office Aesthetics

Since office desks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. It can also be part of your office decor. You can match the office table you will buy to the office design that you want. 

Making your office a safe space

Using an office table with drawers helps you keep things in one place. That means you don’t have scissors, pens, or staples falling to the floor. This can reduce the risks of injury or minor accidents that occur in offices. 

    Things to Check Before buying Desks with drawers in NZ

    If you want to revamp your office furniture this 2024, check out these things that you should tick off before deciding on the kind of office desk that you want to buy. 


    The most common shape for a desk is the rectangle. It usually fits into different spaces at home and in the office. If you want to get a rectangular desk, you need to measure the length and width that can fit in your office. 


    Do you need a wide or narrow desk? Do you need a lot of space while you’re working? These factors can impact how big or small your desk will be. If you’re working with a multi-monitor set-up, then you may benefit more from a bigger desk. But, if you work with a laptop and only have minimal paperwork, a compact desk may be best for you. 

    Storage space

    The drawers of the desk that you choose should be wide and sturdy enough to hold all the things that you plan to store there. However, bigger desks that come with bigger drawers may have a higher price than the usual ones. 

    Best office desks with drawers in NZ

    Agile has its own collection of sturdy office tables that can serve this purpose. You can work with ease and remain organized using these tables. Here are some of the best-selling office tables in Agile. 

    Sonic Desk with Drawers

    Sonic Desk with Drawers 

    The Sonic Desk comes in three dimensions and two colors. The tabletop is made of high-grade melamine and with PVC edge for protection against bumps. It contains two drawers that are easily accessible. 

    Houston Computer Desk

    Houston Computer Desk

    This desk comes in a mix of oak and white hues. It contains two drawers that can hold your stationeries and other files. In addition there is a display slot located on the corner of the desktop that works as extra storage for books or notes. 

    Chattanooga Computer Desk

    Chattanooga Computer Desk 

    The Chattanooga exemplifies functional minimalism. It is a compact computer desk with a laminated top and one large drawer. If your work does not involve a lot of files, this office table might suit you. 

    Stay on top of your game with Agile’s desks

    Our office desks are made from only the highest grade materials that may last a long time with proper care and maintenance. Invest in your office table now!