benefits of a monitor arm

Have you experienced neck and shoulder strains from craning your neck to see your monitor clearly? Does your monitor height make you uncomfortable? Do you constantly have to bend your neck forwards or backwards to adjust to your monitor’s position?

If these are problems that you can relate to, you definitely need monitor arms. This blog post will explain what a monitor arm is and how it can benefit you. 

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What is a monitor arm?

Top 9 benefits of monitor arms

How to buy the best monitor arm in NZ

Best-selling monitor arms in NZ

What is a monitor arm?

Also known as monitor riser, a monitor arm looks like a robotic arm that elevates your desktop monitor, tablet screen or laptop to the height that you desire. Since the screens of devices are already fixed, the monitor arm provides flexibility in adjustments. 

Top 9 benefits of monitor arms

You might be wondering if the only purpose of a monitor arm is to adjust the computer monitor back and forward. Nevertheless, there’s more to monitor arms than meets the eye. These are the seven benefits of monitor arms.

Reduced discomfort

A monitor arm may greatly reduce the eye and neck strain that you experience. Monitors that are too close or too far can cause eye strain and neck pain. But with a monitor arm, you can modify the height, tilt, and angl;e of the monitor in such a way that is most comfortable to you. 

Better concentration

If you are not in constant pain, you can work better and faster. You will not need to constantly pause, close your eyes or bend your neck. If you use multiple windows, it may hamper your focus. The monitor riser can enhance your dual monitor by distributing the windows across your screens. The adjustment range of the monitor arm will enable you to have a focused field of vision.


We cannot emphasize this enough in all office furniture. The office equipment that you use must be able to support your whole body. In the case of monitor arms, it may help prevent slouching and leaning over on your desk. Since we use our computers in a seated position, a monitor arm helps you adjust in a way that your body posture is not compromised.

Allows you to stand

Standing while working is highly encouraged among workers nowadays. Being seated for hours poses risks to our weight, heart and muscles. Taking standing breaks while working will help you burn calories, improve circulation, and stay focused. 


The use of a monitor arm may also have an impact on collaboration among colleagues. Since the computer screens can be turned in one way or another, it is easier to show information with your coworkers and work on tasks together. 

Bigger work space 

When you use a monitor arm, you free up a portion of your desk. It reduces clutter and gives you more room to organize other necessary stuff. You may also use it as additional storage for files.

Enhanced productivity

a study by Jon Peddie Research revealed that one can improve their productivity rate by 42% by using a monitor arm. Additionally, A University of Utah and NEC research showed that there is a 10% upswing in productivity as well as 20% less errors and stress. 

Achieving neutral reach zone

This is a term that ergonomics experts use to describe a part of your desk that you can easily access when your upper arms are along your body with elbows bent. This means you can quickly get all the needed work in that position. Monitor arms help you achieve a neutral reach zone because once your monitor is mounted, you can arrange your work necessities in that neutral area. 

Overall functionality

With monitor arms, your screen goes from fixed equipment to dynamic. You can change its position, adjust angles, tilt it backward and forward and even turn it around to a full 360 degrees. It is not only you who is mobile but your computer monitor too!

    Monitor arms play a role in transforming your whole work experience and process. In any work-related undertaking, your health should be the top priority. 

    How to buy the best monitor arm in NZ

    Like any other office furniture, there is a checklist of things that you have to consider before selecting what monitor arm you will buy. 

    VESA Compliance

    VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) Compliance is the first and foremost thing you have to check.VESA gives the guidelines about hole patterns that are used in attaching displays to a mount. Usually, a 75x75 or 100x100 mm mount can be located at the back of the monitor. 

    Number of monitors you need to support

    There are different designs of monitor arms that accommodate a specific number of screens. Here in Agile, we offer single monitor arms and dual monitor arms.

    Weight of the monitor

    Monitor risers are capable of supporting a specific weight class. Check the weight of your monitor if it matches the monitor arm’s capacity. However, if you need to support multiple monitors, double check if the capacity of the monitor arm is per monitor or total weight of all the monitors.

    Monitor size

    Screen sizes are measured diagonally. However, knowing only the diagonal size is not enough. If you want to put two monitors together side-by-side, you might overlap both if you don’t measure it from left to right. 

      Best-selling monitor arms in NZ

      Agile offers variants of the monitor arm and each of them has their own special characteristics and applications. These are the best-selling monitor arms in Agile.

      Kardo Independent Double Monitor Arm

      Kardo Independent Double Monitor Arm

      Experience the ultimate in workspace flexibility with our Kardo Independent Double Monitor Arm, a pole-mounted solution designed to enhance productivity and comfort. Preassembled with a desk clamp and through-desk fixing for added versatility, this monitor arm is the perfect choice for a dual-screen setup. With a weight rating of up to 2 x 10 kg, this monitor arm accommodates monitors up to 27 inches, offering a secure and stable solution for your display needs.

      Levo Double Monitor Arm

      Levo Double Monitor Arm 

      Upgrade your workspace with the Levo Double Monitor Arm, a state-of-the-art solution designed to enhance your dual-screen setup. This premium monitor arm offers the perfect blend of functionality and style and features a quick-release twin rail attachment, a built-in safety clutch, and versatile mounting options. Enjoy fast and easy screen tilt adjustment with the ratchet tilt mechanism, allowing you to find the perfect angle for optimal viewing.


      Levo Single Monitor Arm

      Levo Single Monitor Arm 

      The Levo single monitor arm delivers optimal performance with a touch of sophistication, featuring a quick-release VESA plate, a built-in safety clutch, and versatile mounting options. Keep your workspace tidy with integrated cable management that easily accommodates up to 4 cables, ensuring a clutter-free environment.

      Cutlass Single Monitor Arm

      Cutlass Single Monitor Arm

      The Cutlass Single Monitor Arm provides a sleek and compact solution for maximizing your desktop real estate while offering a full range of ergonomic adjustments. Enjoy the freedom to switch between portrait and landscape orientations with a 360° rotation feature, allowing you to customize your viewing experience effortlessly.

      Kardo Laptop Monitor Arm

      Kardo Laptop Monitor Arm

      This preassembled unit, featuring a desk clamp and through-desk fixing, boasts two independently operating arms along with a laptop holder to optimize your multitasking capabilities. With quick-release features, adjustable height, and comprehensive cable management, the Kardo Laptop Monitor Arm is a popular choice among our Monitor Arms category. All the necessary tools are included for assembly, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward setup process.

      Agile- Enhancing your workplace one monitor arm at a time

      ALL monitor arms sold here at Agile are VESA compliant. Purchase your monitor arm today and see how it can change your work process.