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As kids, desks and tables were one of the simplest things we could draw. It’s just a square or a rectangle with four vertical lines on each corner. As grownups, we now know that it’s not as simple as it used to be. What used to be a one-size-fits-all solution now needs critical thought and consideration prior to purchaseg.

A great office desk helps give you laser-focus, proper posture, and even a stylish office aesthetic.

Thinking about buying a new desk for your home office, study area, or your employees? In this blog, we will help you decide what kind of desk fits the bill (and the room, for that matter).

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5 Office Desk Considerations

Most Common Types of Office Desks

Office Desk Shopping Check - List

Here are 3 tips to set up and position your desk

5 Office Desk Considerations

There are mainly five characteristics of a desk that you should check for when choosing your new desk. Those are size, height, leg room, style, and price.

Different desks are built with different purposes in mind– one particular desk may serve its purpose for a call centre agent, but would not work so well for the CEO of that call center. This blog will help you get a clear picture of what you should be looking for. Let’s explore these criteria.


This is probably the most important factor you should be considering when buying a new desk. Check the size relative to your daily tasks and the size of your room or office. 

If you have an administrative role, you might opt for a desk compatible with cabinets, room for up to 2 monitors, and ample space for sheets of paper.

If you are a student who needs a study desk to be squeezed in your room, a computer desk or small corner desk will probably do.

If you have a managerial role, a wide executive desk will best do the job.


The standard height of your desk should be about your elbow level when seated. This way, the angle of your arms when working would not be too little to constrict blood flow, and too big to reduce comfort. In this area, height adjustable desks are king. We’ll get to this later.


Most desks have ample legroom– apart from the models with side drawers. Legroom is often the most forgotten factor when purchasing a desk. It just comes into mind when you have strained legs and can’t stretch because you bought a desk too small for your needs.


For most, style is just a bonus. Function over form, as they say. But for us, function follows form. A desk that goes well with the colours and the theme of the room is certainly easier on the eyes, and if your desk looks good, your perspective on work or study will be shifted from stressful to soothing. So, choosing the correct desk means properly selecting the material, finish, or colour of the desk you are investing in.


High-quality office desks do not necessarily break the bank. Price is one of the most binding factors that affect shopping for furniture. This is why this blog is aimed to help you take a closer look at what you really need; so you get the most bang for your buck. Whether the budget is tight or not an issue at all, we will make sure that you end up investing in a desk that provides real ROI in a year or two!

Most Common Types of Office Desks

Computer Desks

These desks are designed to hold desktop computers but are versatile enough to be used for laptops too. Computer desks are simple, efficient, and have enough space for different pieces of hardware like the CPU and one or two monitors. Also, they often have cable ports to feed your leads through.

Computer desks work best in jam-packed offices such as call centres because apart from being not-so-expensive, they are space-efficient and simple enough to not distract employees. In other words, it gets the job done.

Corner Desks/Workstations

These are an L-shape and are designed to fit 90-degree corners in a room. One of the main benefits that corner desks provide is additional workspace. Because of this, they are ideal for secretaries and admin staff, and can accommodate desktop computers without compromising space for paperwork and other items. They are often positioned facing a wall or screen, meaning that the user is less likely to become distracted, and better able to focus on work. Corner desks can also be a stylish addition to your room as they come in different colours, complementing your existing decor. 

Executive Desks

Grand and timeless. Executive desks are often the centrepiece of a manager’s office. For most people, executive desks are a one-time-big-time purchase because it’s expected to last for decades. It is often reserved for managers and up, but if you want a table that would match the aesthetics of your home library, an executive desk is generally your best option.

Executive desks are usually manufactured using superior quality materials and components. This accounts for the expensive price tag, but if you get a top-tier one, it’s sure to pay for itself in the long run.

Sit/Stand Desks

These desks are designed to adjust from a seated to a standing height. They come in different variants such as electrically powered (electric desks) or manually adjusted, with a wind-up handle. Electric desks are mostly specified these days, primarily because the height can be adjusted quickly - up to 35mm per second compared to around 5mm for the manual wind up versions.

Standing desks are an ideal option for health-conscious individuals or those with back issues as they promote movement and correct posture. They can also aid with focus and concentration. Often recommended by physical therapists and doctors because of the physical benefits that they can offer.

Study Desk or Student Desks

These desks tend to be smaller in size, typically 1000 - 1200 (mm) wide and around 600 - 700 (mm) deep. This is because the surface area doesn’t need to be particularly large, especially if primarily using a laptop. The compact size also means that they can be used in most bedrooms, or in a study. They are often available in bright colours and finishes to fit the style of any room, and the style tends to be minimalistic. 

Study desks are best paired with other furniture such as a deskalator and a comfy chair to help with posture. They can also work well as work-from-home desks.

Office Desk Shopping Check - List

To help you narrow your options further, we have prepared a checklist of 10 items. If the desk you are looking at ticks at least 8 of these boxes, you’re looking at the right desk. If not, we advise you to check other options. But ultimately, the choice is yours. Let’s go!

  • Does this desk fit the budget?
  • Can you go a little higher for extra features too?

  • Is it easy on the eyes?
  • Does it look like it was built for modern day use or 90s office aesthetics?

  • Can I use it for other purposes?
  • Can it be used as a study, work-from-home desk or even for gaming?

  • Can I resell or restore it after years of use?
  • Will other people still be interested in buying this desk? Can I restore it if need be?

  • Does it have ample legroom?
  • Does it have limited leg space?  Will I be likely to hit my knees against built-in drawers?

  • Is it made of durable materials and quality components ?
  • Desks constructed from Melteca and Melamine tend to be durable, however consider the thickness of the top and components such as drawer runners. Can it be easily cleaned?

  • Can it fit my computer and other office needs?
  • What about a live plant or two? Picture frames?

  • Does it feel solid and stable?
  • Will I need to stuff a piece of folded paper under one leg to keep it in place?

  • Will this fit the style of the room or office?
  • Does the colour and style go well with the office?

  • What is the warranty period?
  • Generally speaking, the longer the warranty the better the quality - and the confidence that the manufacturer has in the longevity of the product

    When you make up your mind regarding which desk to buy, the next thing to think about is setting up the desk like a pro. A desk that’s properly set up, whether at home or in the office, will increase your productivity and may even improve the overall mood in an office.

    Here are 3 tips to set up and position your desk

    1. Take advantage of natural light

    As much as possible, position the desk next to a window. Natural light is not only preferable in an office, it’s also scientifically proven that the sun has a certain positive effect on our moods. Sunlight can also help you save on energy costs because you will not need light in the daytime.

    2. Use monitor risers

    Monitor risers are unsung heroes of ergonomic efficiency. Instead of looking down at your monitor, you will be able to maintain the correct focal plane. Monitor risers can also enable you to stand up and work, altering your posture during the day. 

    3. Add live plants to the ensemble

    Live plants add a breath of fresh air to any office and having them on your desk will give you something to look at during dull moments. Watering your plants every morning is also something to look forward to everyday – giving you another reason to go to work!

     6 High-Quality Desks in NZ

    Embrace the benefits of ergonomic design, fostering energy, focus, and improved posture throughout your workday. Make your workspace a hub of well-being and efficiency with these cutting-edge desks.

    Agile Electric 3-Column Individual Desk

    Agile Electric 3-Column Individual Desk

    Experience a smooth and quiet transition between seated and standing heights with the Agile Electric 3-Column Desk. Powered by twin motors and boasting a weight rating of up to 140kg, this desk offers unparalleled stability and performance. The soft-touch 2-point memory handset ensures precise height adjustments, efficiently catering to individual preferences.

    Summit II Electric Single Desk

    Summit II Electric Single Desk

    The Summit II Electric Single desk's height range of 620-1270mm ensures adaptability for almost all users, providing a flexible and personalized workspace. The two powerful motors operate with a remarkable speed of 30mm per second, allowing swift adjustments to suit your preferred working heights.

    Duo II Electric Single Desk

    Duo II Electric Single Desk

    The Duo II Electric Single desk boasts a sturdy, durable, and recyclable frame, contributing to a sustainable work environment. The 25mm thick New Zealand-made top with a matching PVC edge adds a touch of quality craftsmanship and durability to your workspace. It also features an 80mm cable port for easy cable access. 

    Agile 3 Electric Workstation

    Agile 3 Electric Workstation

    With an up and down speed of 35mm/sec and a weight rating of 140kg, the Agile Electric Workstation is designed for both efficiency and stability, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Equipped with a triple motor for enhanced operation and anti-collision technology, this workstation ensures precision and safety in height adjustments. The workstation features a 25mm thick melamine top with a 2mm PVC edge, manufactured from low-emission E1 grade board with Good Wood certification.

    Summit II Electric Workstation

    Summit II Electric Workstation

    With twin motors powering a swift and quiet height transition from 620-1270mm, the Summit II Electric workstation combines speed, precision, and convenience to enhance your work experience. It offers three programmable height adjustment settings accessible through the user-friendly LCD.

    Enhance Individual Standing Desk

    Enhance Individual Standing Desk

    Enhance Electric Individual Standing desk offers a seamless transition from sitting to standing, fostering energy, focus, and improved posture. Backed by a 10-year warranty, it is not just a piece of furniture; it's a commitment to your health and productivity. For added convenience, a USB charging port is conveniently located on the controller, ensuring your devices stay powered throughout the workday.

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