The Best Office Tambour Units in NZ

Papers constantly fall out of the shelves, cabinets are overstuffed with folders, and office supplies are cramped in tiny plastic bins. This is pretty much a horrific situation for any office. No one wants to see things falling out or barely fitting in. Moreover, no one wants to have to continuously pick stuff up from the floor. 

Behold, the tambour units. This is the solution to insufficient storage space and inefficient organization techniques. Tambour units can give you a whole new arrangement for your office. 

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Etymology and Word Usage of Tambour

What is a Tambour Cabinet?

Benefits of using a Tambour

Factors to Check Before buying a Tambour Cabinet in NZ

Best Tambour Cabinets in NZ

Etymology and Word Usage of Tambour

First, let’s learn where the word ‘tambour’ came from. Tambour originated from a French word that means ‘small drum’. This is why the small drum with jingling metal discs on its sides is called a tambourine. 

Its usage has evolved from the small drum and has included a number of things from an embroidery frame that keeps the fabric taut, to a wall that is circular in shape, to a loping part of the tennis court to a lobby that has sliding doors for its enclosure. 

Recently, it is now part of the furniture industry and describes the application of sliding doors to a piece of furniture.

What is a tambour cabinet?

Tambour cabinets are vertical storage pieces that have a big capacity yet take up only a small space. Another fundamental characteristic is a tambour cabinet’s doors. The doors slide into the wall, hence, the contents inside it can be accessed from one unit only. Users can improve the storage space by increasing its height.

Various kinds of items and supplies can be stored in a tambour cabinet. The inside usually consists of standard shelves that are made of sturdy materials and can support various types of materials. 

Benefits of using a Tambour


Since the doors slide open, you can have full access to the contents. It is easy to arrange your things because everything is within arm’s reach. The same applies to getting your things from the cabinet. You can easily locate and take it without much hassle. 

Good for Narrow Spaces

The doors don't open outwards therefore it will not be an obstruction in hallways or corridors. If there is only a limited space for storage units in the office, you may position the tambour in a rarely-used passageway. 


Tambour cabinets are fitted with lockable doors. These make tambour cabinets extra secure compared to ordinary ones. You can keep electronic devices inside it and don’t need to worry about safety. The tambour storage unit is also effective if you have highly confidential files.

Easy Installation

Installing a tambour cabinet in your office space is not a complicated task. The tambour cabinet can be easily secured as long as it is on a flat surface and does not encounter too many bumps in its location


Tambour cabinets are stylishly sleek. They are compact and narrow but their functionality is excellent. This is great for small offices that are striving to grow. Less office clutter translates to better productivity. 

Factors to Check Before buying a Tambour Cabinet in NZ

Price range

Do you need an office space that is both affordable and of good quality? Numerous tambour units are available, with prices ranging widely. The design or size you pick will affect the cost of the units.


Do you need something that is both short and broad? Or something long and slim? Not to worry; tambour office units are available in various sizes. Raising the cabinet's height might help expand the storage space.


What makes it so important in the workplace? The existing elements of the room can seem more cohesive with a well-chosen color scheme for one's furnishings. Additionally, the color might enhance one's work experience. The muted neutral colors of Tambour office units have come to stand for modernity, current, development, and efficiency.


Elegant, fashionable, and adaptable solutions are rightfully at the top of the desired list regarding interior design. Modern and flexible to the needs of the staff, a minimalist workplace is both. Solid, clean lines and flat, smooth surfaces produce strong statements emphasizing each object's significance. There won't be any extravagant or heavily patterned decorations or furnishings.


You can design your cabinet to hold items like hanging files, books, binders, media, supplies, and literature. Its most valuable feature is its diversity of storage space; almost anything may be put in a tambour cabinet. Each unit has a robust locking mechanism installed.

Best Tambour Cabinets in NZ

Here are our top picks for tambour cabinets in NZ.

Tambour Cupboard

Tambour Cupboard

The Tambour Cupboard is available in white only but you can choose from two sizes. It has a retractable door that comes with centralized locking doors. The inside is made up of five metal shelves. It is assembled before delivery. Aside from the generous storage space, you get top-notch security also. 

Mascot Planter Tambour

Mascot Planter Tambour

If you are looking for a storage unit that doubles as décor, the mascot planter tambour may be suitable for you. Its top holds a waterproof plant liner. You can put cute flowers or any eye-catching plant to add a pop of color to the cabinet. You can choose from two sizes and four colors. Additionally, you can request for a locking or non locking type. The mascot planter tambour contains one fixed bottom shelf and two adjustable shelves per bay.

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