5 Best Computer Desks NZ

The centrepiece of any workstation can typically be found in computer desks. While you may have your laptop or portable working devices, nothing beats having a proper table for your working nook where you can brainstorm and accomplish your work. 

Computer desks, like computer chairs, come in various shapes and sizes. The variations accommodate different office arrangements. If you want to purchase a new desk for the new year but unsure of what and how to choose, this blog post will help you decide. 

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Things to check before buying a computer desk

5 best computer desks to buy in NZ

Things to check before buying a computer desk


This is the first consideration. How much are you willing to spend for a working desk? You may need to set a budget range that is suitable for you. For instance, you may set it at NZ$300-450. Also, keep in mind that quality is sometimes proportional to the cost. Here at Agile, you can get a Fixed Height Desk for under $400.

Desk Size

Are you looking for a mid-sized desk? A large computer desk with drawers? Or a simple home computer desk? The size of the computer desk will also depend on how much space you have in your office or work area. 


The concept of ergonomics is not limited to office chairs only. Desk ergonomics helps you ensure that there is enough space for your body while you are using the table. The computer desk that you choose to buy should have clearance for your legs. Usually, standard desks have a height of 29-30 inches from the floor. Additionally, it should have at least three and a half feet of space between you and the desk. Lastly, the desk needs to be at the right height for the keyboard to avoid strain and discomfort while working. 


There are three common surfaces for computer desks. Each kind has its own unique look and can contribute to the aesthetics of your workspace. You also need to choose based on what textures you are sensitive about. 


What is the main reason why you are buying a computer desk? Is it primarily for computer tasks? Then, you need a computer desk with a CPU compartment and cable holes. If you need it for paperwork or a combination of both, you may consider buying an L-shaped model. That way, you have enough space for your desktop and files. 

5 best computer desks to buy in NZ

Height Adjustable Desks

A standing computer desk may be a premium choice for those who do remote work and have limited space in their home. It has a simple design and sturdy build. 

Check out Agile’s Novah Fixed Height Desk. It has a melamine table top and powder coated steel legs and frame. It also includes PVC edges as protection. The 3 different sizes have various styles for cable hole management. 

novah fixed height deskL-shaped desks

This is one of the best computer desks because it provides a wide space for working, a dedicated corner for your computer or laptop, and drawers where you can keep your documents. However, L-shaped desks are suitable for offices with enough floor and wall space because this one needs to rest against a wall. 

Check out Agile’s Sonic Corner Desk. It features a 25mm melamine tabletop with built-in PVC edges to shield it from moisture and bumping. This model also includes 2 80mm cable port holes. 

sonic corner desk

Classic Computer Desk

This is fitting for people who don’t need a large table surface or height adjustment features. It often features a slim design with one or two drawers under it. The classic computer desk is a good choice if you want a clean look for your room and you only need a modest working space. 

Check out Agile’s Chattanooga Computer Desk. It features a white laminated table top with one drawer. The legs are made from timber material. It is ideal for those who have limited spaces in their homes. 

chattanooga computer desk


A deskalator is a height-adjustable, sit-stand workstation that can be modified using a button. The height adjustment can be changed effortlessly with its electric design. 

Check out Agile’s Arise Deskalator. It has two activation paddles with 13 height positions. These convenient adjustments will help you stay stress-free throughout the day. The Deskalator can be used on top of your existing tables and can fit in an office or home setting. 

arise deskalator

Height-adjustable computer desk - Also known as sit stand desks, these office desks help you alternate from a sitting to a standing position. In the ‘Stand up to Work’ study, the results showed that 47% of the participants who used height adjustable desks experienced a significant decrease in the shoulder, upper back and neck pain. A height-adjustable computer desk may be the best choice if you are working long hours. 

Check out Agile’s Winder Height Adjustable Desk. It features a melamine surface with powder-coated steel frame. The height can be adjusted from 680 to 1130 mm. There are also color options for the frame and table top. 

agile winder desk

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