How to Pick the Best Monitor Arm

Do you need a monitor mount?

(Yes, you do, here’s why.)

As the world is continually going online, more and more accessories in the market aid the growing need of digital natives. One product that has proven its usefulness is the monitor arm. In this blog, we will discuss why you need one and how you can know if it’s the best monitor arm for your needs.

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What are monitor arms?

5 Reasons Why You NEED a Monitor Arm

Better back and neck posture.

More desk space

Increased productivity


It pairs well with sit-stand desks and treadmill desks.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Monitor Arm


Your monitors

Ease of assembly (and disassembly too)

Extra Features


What are monitor arms?

Monitor arms, also called monitor desk mounts, are a type of office equipment used to hold or suspend monitors. They are often made of metal with a rigid mount. They look like robotic arms attached to the desk, the wall, or even the ceiling. This equipment can hold monitors as well as laptops and speakers, depending on the model.

The best monitor arms are the ones that can be easily adjusted to your desired height, angle, and depth. Monitor arms should be sturdy enough to not shake and stay at any position you move them into.

Monitor arms are only supplemental, but their benefits make them an irresistible investment!

5 Reasons Why You NEED a Monitor Arm

1. Better back and neck posture. 

Monitor arms work to keep your eye level straight on your monitor while keeping your arms on table level and your neck positioned comfortably and naturally. Without the proper equipment to hold your monitor on the correct height, angle, and depth, we tend to hunch our backs and misalign our spines.

An ergonomic desk is a healthy desk. Benefits include reduced back pains, fewer headaches, and increased self-confidence, among many others! We know you like it! *wink*

2. More desk space

Monitors are getting bigger and bigger. Simultaneously, their stands got larger, too– eating up more desk space that could have been useful for other items. If you have more than one screen, this equipment will help you the most! You can browse our shop to see the best dual monitor arms.

Most monitor arms clamp on the desk, virtually taking up no space at all. With less clutter on your desk, you are more likely to come up with good ideas or attain a level of focus you just can’t get with a messy workspace.

A clear desk is a clear mind.

3. Increased productivity

The real estate freed up by monitor arms can be used for extra peripherals like your speakers, tablets, or drawing tablet, if you are an artist. With freed-up space, you can do useful things in your workspace rather than move to another table for other tasks. You can also easily share your desk with other workmates in case you need to collaborate on a project. Just imagine saying:

“Hey, let’s work on my desk instead. It’s more spacious.”

4. Adaptability

This is the feature that benefits WFH employees the most.

Many people working from home do so in the comfort of their own bedrooms; perhaps you’re one of them. With monitor arms, you can use your computer to Netflix and chill while lying on your bed. Simply move them in your desired direction, and you’re good to go. No moving of tables, no reorganising of wires, no sweat.

5. It pairs well with sit-stand desks and treadmill desks.

The modern office setting promotes movement. This is why many of the latest office equipment is designed to get you moving. Adjustable desks are engineered to change your working position every now and then, and treadmill desks are made to keep you moving.

Whenever you change your position, your level of vision changes too. A monitor arm will help you easily reposition your screen (or screens) to keep the momentum going.

When it comes to ergonomic solutions, sit-stand desks and monitor arms are the ultimate combo. The variability they offer makes them the perfect workplace equipment for everybody!

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Ready to get purchase a monitor arm? Here are

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Monitor Arm

1. Adjustability

The best monitor arm is the one that applies to all your needs. Considering the size of your desk, your room, the height of your desk, and your chair. All of these factors are at play when you need to position your monitor screens.

A monitor arm should be adjustable by height, depth, and angle. They should also easily switch from landscape to portrait when needed.

2. Your monitors

Suppose you have a specialized monitor such as ultra-wide and curved screens. In that case, you should first consult your dealer for proper guidance to ensure you get the best arm monitor for ultrawide screens. If this is the case for you, you can easily call us at 0800 891 302.

3. Ease of assembly (and disassembly too)

Sometimes, you have no choice but to move tables, and moving monitor arms is not the easiest of jobs. Your monitor arms should be simple enough to be disassembled in a few minutes but rigid enough to bear the weight of your monitors steadily. The best single monitor arm (or double) should be simple enough to unmount with minimal usage of tools.

4. Extra Features

Some monitor desk mounts are designed to help make your workstation look clean by having tube-like pockets for wires to go through. Integrating cable management features seem simple but actually serves a huge purpose. No one wants wires dangling around the workstation. Other features may include detachable platforms for a router to sit on or hooks for proper headphone storage.

5. Looks

Choose what fits your fancy. Some models are available in other colors, but most are available in black, white, and gray. If you want an edgier color, spray paint bottles will do the trick. Just make sure to ask your dealer about the warranty!

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